Before discovering a love for brewing, Graydon was a commercial airline pilot. It was in that line of work that his incredible inclination for quality control was molded. When it comes to being a captain of a giant piece of aluminum hurtling through the air, you have to be sure of your equipment, your processes, your crew, and your decisions. The same can be said about brewing beer. When it comes to sanitization, inspecting ingredients, temperature controls, lab work, storage, presentation, everything – the best quality is what you’ll find here at Barrow Brewing Co.

We believe that the best ingredients make the best beer. We use simple recipes that highlight the unique natural hop and grain flavors. While we are not disciples of the Reinheitsgebot, at Barrow we believe just because you can do [add] something, doesn’t mean you should.

Barrow beers are inspired by our family history, the characters in our small town, and an abiding love of Texas. We’ll introduce the year-round and seasonal beers on this page as they are released. You can keep up to date with our announcements by Liking our Facebook page.Barrow Brewing Beer Bottle

  • Ski Boat Blonde Ale: Light, smooth, and refreshing, this is the beer you’ll want to take out on the boat or down the Guadalupe. Notice the hint of rye and the tangerine hop note. Refreshing and crisp!
  • Evil Catfish IPA: This beer was inspired by a local legend and aims to create its own. Hoppy citrus notes with an intense but round bitterness. Multiply types of 2-row malt add to the character of this beer that finishes with a pleasant hoppy note. Evil catfish is dry-hopped several days before it is kegged for your consumption.
  • Tipsy Vicar Stout: When the Priest is a homebrewer,  you know you’ve found the right church. This stout  has a wonderful fruit bouquet from the hand selected yeast. The malt notes are roasted chocolate goodness to balance the sweetness created by our yeast.
  • 784 Belgian Witte: 784 is the number of people who voted for beer in 2014, enabling Barrow Brewing to establish itself in downtown Salado. This witte (white) beer has orange rind and coriander with a traditional Belgian yeast note. It is creamy and refreshing all at the same time.
  • Creek Don’t Rise Lager: Crisp, bright, and refreshing. We brewed this one for people who are new to craft beer but it has been known to surprise craft aficionados as well. If you usually pass on lagers, give this one a try. It could change your mind.
  • Village Idiot: This ginger rye strong ale is available in the tap room and for keg sales. We serve it in an 8 oz snifter glass made by our friends across the street, Salado Glassworks. The ginger is strong but we’ve balanced it with a dose of rye malt.
  • Saladobock: This Doppelbock is true to style. It has a deep copper color, rich malt and full body. It is available in the tap room and for keg sales.
  • Sabbatical: When a Vicar goes on vacation, they call it a Sabbatical. For this beer we took the Tipsy Vicar Stout and added roasted organic coconut. The result is a coconut stout that you’ll want to drink year-round.
  • Coffee Creek: You’ve probably had a coffee Stout and a coffee Porter, but have you ever tried a coffee Lager? If you enjoy coffee, we think you may like this unique beer.
  • Royal Street ESB: This Extra Special Bitter is a taproom-only offering that we usually brew just in time for Spring. It offers herbal notes and just the right amount of bitterness to balance the malt.
  • Mystery of the Deep: This Double IPA comes in at 9.2% and 86 IBU. Like the Evil Catfish IPA, the large hop punch is balanced against a strong malt backbone.
  • Stonecarver Session IPA: We balanced the bitterness of this 4.5% beer with a little bit of fruit and oats. This one is inspired by the good people of Texas Carved Stone.
  • Hat Tip Hefeweizen: The first in our Seasonal series, Hat Tip is made with local wheat and a Bavarian yeast. Perfect for a summer day, it holds true to its heritage with hints of banana and clove. Check out the cool video our friends made for this beer here.
  • Farm to Market Persimmon Saison: Our Fall Seasonal is made with fresh persimmons that add a subtle sweetness to this spicy, French Farmhouse style.
  • Swimming Hole Honey Pilsner: This Spring Seasonal offering showcases the floral notes found in honey. Crisp and refreshing, it pairs perfectly with a warm Texas afternoon.


Check back here for beer details and release dates.