Get the flight, pick your favorite and take home a growler! Great place, great beer and great people!


The beer is amazing , have to try all of them and looking forward to what ever else they come up with!! Highly recommended! Great environment and great people. Great place to just relax and enjoy a great beer!


The beers are great. The food truck being there brings such a wide variety of food. Both the staff and patrons are friendly. There were young families playing games, older couples chatting, dogs hanging out, and younger groups enjoying a good beer. The flight of 4 beers was a nice beer appetizer for the growler they can send you home with. Definitely going back!


The IPA was great, and the Belgian White ale was awesome. Bought a few glasses before I left with a growler of the Belgian White. Be going next week. This place is awesome. It’s great to see a local brewery in my area, and even better that the beer is so good!