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Barrow Brewing Company was founded in 2014 after a petition, an election to change the laws in our village, and basically moving a few mountains. We spent the better portion of 2014 scheming and finally settled on the old Silver Spur Theatre as our prime location for Bell County’s first microbrewery. In 2015 we executed our plans with contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and volunteers. We learned a lot and made some great friends while turning an old pole barn granary into a brewery.

Quality, sustainability, and community are the three words that define so much of what Barrow Brewing Company is about. We strive to be a sustainable business that encourages drinking local, supporting local businesses, and taking steps to lower our carbon footprint. 

As we renovated the brewery, we strove to recycle and re-use as much material as possible. When you visit the brewery, you can’t miss the knotty pine plank walls. These original walls were used to hold in tons of grain, expanding and collapsing with the weight of it. We love the history around the brewery as well, to include the natural springs and creek that surround it. The stories here are endless, both in and around our location.

We originally came to Salado to be near family but we stayed because of the rich, diverse community of veterans, hippies, golfers, artists, saints, and free spirits living here. We are now honored to work beside artisans in several industries in Salado who are crafting their glass, pottery, chocolate, music, and wine (just to name a few) all over town. They are building their dreams right beside us.

We hope that you’ll visit the brewery soon to drink like a local and experience Salado firsthand. There is shopping, restaurants, and even a park for the kids nearby. In the summertime, you will all enjoy dipping your toes in the creek. There is much to see and do, and of course, plenty on tap to taste.


The Crew

Graydon Hill


Founder and Head Brewer.

KD Hill


Co-founder and Chaos Coordinator

Clint Haverland


Sales & Client Relations

Ben Duewall


Lead Brewer

Jason Curb


Lead Cellerman

Zack Rosen


Taproom Manager and Cellerman

Amy Lamb


Taproom Manager

Amanda Brown



Ashlee Lamb



Gracen Verheyden



Heather Mesa



Mike McKay



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