Friendly, Approachable Craft Beer in the Heart of Texas


Before discovering a love for brewing, Barrow's founder, Graydon Hill, was a commercial airline pilot. It was in that line of work that his incredible inclination for quality control was molded. When it comes to being a captain of a giant piece of aluminum hurtling through the air, you have to be sure of your equipment, your processes, your crew, and your decisions. The same can be said about brewing beer. When it comes to sanitization, inspecting ingredients, temperature controls, lab work, storage, presentation, everything – the best quality is what you’ll find here at Barrow Brewing Co.

We believe that the best ingredients make the best beer. We use simple recipes that highlight the unique natural hop and grain flavors. While we are not disciples of the Reinheitsgebot, at Barrow we believe just because you can do [add] something, doesn’t mean you should.

Barrow beers are inspired by our family history, the characters in our small town, and an abiding love of Texas. We’ll introduce the year-round and seasonal beers on this page as they are released. You can keep up to date with our announcements by Liking our Facebook page.


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